Meet The Bishop

It is my humble privilege to welcome you to Voice Of Freedom Outreach. Here, everyday is a plus as we celebrate the abundance of God’s grace and goodness made available to us, because we are light bearers and life transformers. Remember the word of God is the power and force of creation. As you expose your life to the authenticity of God’s word,it has the power to turn your life in the direction of his will for you.Worship with us, feel the unusual ambiance of his presence and be tranformed by the power of the spoken word. Amen. Bishop Dr Abraham Chigbundu

Bishop Dr Abraham Chigbundu

Bishop (Dr.) Abraham Chigbundu is the man who God has chosen to pilot the affairs of this unique ministry. The Voice of Freedom Ministries is a dynamic and fast growing Church, dedicated to the total liberation of the lives of men and women from satanic bondages. The Ministry seeks to break the chains and yokes that seem inextricable in the eyes of many who have been held bound by unseen forces of evil.

A Bishop

A Teacher

A Leader

Husband, Father and Grandfather

He is happily married to Rev. Mrs. Florence Chigbundu, and this celebrity union is blessed with four energetic boys – Emmanuel, Faith, Mike and David; and a grandfather.

Bishop (Dr) & Rev (Mrs) Abraham Chigbundu

The Apostle of Deliverance

In addition, he is a seasoned man of God with among others unique calling to set  the captives free (including liberating them from ignorance) since 1981. Apart from being a global phenomenon, God has been using him to bring deliverance and restoration to God’s Children using Biblical and Practical approaches that has continuously been replete with signs and wonders. These experiences and operating under God’s anointing across the various part of the globe for the past twenty seven years have been illustrated in this book that could also be called a treatise, aka SPIRITUAL CHECKPOINT-AN INSIGHT INTO THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT.